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Earning Trust – One Patient at a Time

At #### Dental, our first goal, from the moment you walk in the door, is to earn a feeling of trust. We believe the absolute best dentistry we can provide will only take place when there is a strong bond of trust with our patients, and we’re all working together toward the common goals of healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful smile.

Dr. ##### knows that many patients have different levels of apprehension about visiting the dentist, and the most important thing she can do first is to listen to her patients. Whether you or your loved ones are concerned about pain, have had past dental experience that has been traumatic, or are simply ashamed of your own perceived dental shortcomings, Dr. ##### will treat you with compassion and understanding.

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My morning doesn’t start until I’ve had my first cup of tea. How bad is this for my teeth? 

Tea and coffee are safe to drink in moderation. However, over time, large amounts can cause staining and damage. In addition to caffeine, tea and coffee contain chromogens, deeply pigmented molecules that adhere to dental enamel. They also contain tannins, which boost a chromogen molecule’s ability to attach to dental enamel. Black tea is worse than black coffee, because coffee is lower in tannins. 

Tongue piercings seem to be a very bad idea. How bad?

Yes, they can look cool, but they can also fracture your teeth as well as make it much easier to get a nasty infection of the tongue and lips. Dentists have estimated that up to 40% of people who have metal rings or other oral piercings have had big problems from tooth fractures and infection.

How can I protect my teeth from damage? 

The enamel on our teeth is hard, but as we all know, it can be chipped and cracked. In addition to following the instructions of your hygienist, here are some other ways you can protect your teeth: 

  • Avoid chewing ice, cracking nut shells, or opening packages with your teeth. 
  • Avoid “hard foods” such as popcorn. 
  • Limit acidic soft drinks and sugary foods that stick to your teeth. 
  • Decide against tongue and lip piercings, which can fracture teeth and increase infection risk. 

Should I update my manual toothbrush to an electric? 

When used appropriately, a manual toothbrush is as effective as a powered toothbrush. The key is to brush for the recommended two to three minutes, using short strokes at a 45-degree angle to the gums, and covering the entire tooth surface – inner, outer, and chewing. 

I’m pregnant. Is it safe for me to go to the dentist? 

Congratulations! Yes, you should continue to see your dentist, as pregnancy can increase certain dental issues. Be sure to inform your dentist that you are pregnant and if you’re experiencing any changes in your oral health. 

When should my child receive his/her first dental check-up? 

Ideally, you should seek a dentist for your child when the first tooth appears and no later than their first birthday. 

Are dental X-rays safe? 

Yes. New digital X-ray machines limit the low-dose radiation to a beam that targets only the areas needing to be filmed, faster film speeds allow for shorter exposure times, and the use of film holders prevents slipping, reducing the need for repeated exposure due to retakes. Stray radiation is almost non-existent with the use of modern dental X-ray machines, but the use of lead-lined, full-body aprons protect against even that possibility. Every two years, federal law requires X-ray machines to be checked for safety and accuracy, and some states have even more stringent regulations. 

I’ve heard that my silver-colored fillings contain mercury. Should I have them replaced? 

Dental amalgam (silver) fillings contain silver, tin, copper, and liquid mercury, which are combined to form an inert (non-active) alloy. According to the FDA, CDC, the American Dental Association (ADA), and a number of other public health agencies, there is no link between this type of filling and any known health issue. Because of speculation and controversy, amalgam is the most researched and tested dental filling material on the market. 

Why don’t my dentures fit right anymore? 

The tissues and bones of your mouth may shrink (atrophy) with the passage of time or with the gain or loss of body weight, causing a change in the fit of your dentures. A simple reline may help them fit snugly again. However, if you’ve worn your dentures for a number of years, or the bases are too far out of shape, it may be time for replacements. It is counterproductive to use more denture adhesive to try to make them hold better, because this may lead to faster bone loss and additional problems with the fit of your dentures. 

Why is it important to have regular teeth cleaning? 

Did you know “teeth cleaning” does more than just clean your teeth? Removing plaque is absolutely essential if you want to preserve your teeth. It builds up on the tooth surfaces and between the teeth. Brushing and flossing are, of course, vital, but everyone needs their teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Remember – only a dental hygienist can completely clean your teeth. 

Is fluoride bad for you? 

Fluoride is fine… in small amounts. Excessive fluoride can cause tooth enamel irregularities. Young children, especially, often swallow too much toothpaste while brushing. So parents, supervise your young kids while they brush. Kids (and even adults) often use way too much toothpaste (a pea-size drop is plenty). A little goes a long way. 

My 12-year-old likes to chew ice. Is this harmful? 

Tooth enamel is very hard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break it. Try to avoid eating “hard foods” such as popcorn. Don’t crack nut shells with your teeth or chew on ice. Opening packages with your teeth can also damage the enamel. 

Why are soft drinks bad for your teeth? 

Sugar and acids are your teeth’s worst enemies. What are we talking about? Soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices, and candy. Because of the acid content, Mountain Dew seems to be the worst of the worst. Dentists even have a name for the damage it does – they call it “Dew Mouth.” These soften the tooth enamel, making it highly susceptible to decay. Parents, watch your kid’s consumption of these, because young children’s enamel hasn’t developed fully. This makes these drinks even more damaging for kids. As well as eliminating the above (or at least reducing their consumption), use a sugar-free xylitol chewing gum after meals. Also, rinse your mouth with a high-quality dental mouthwash. 

Does the doctor check for oral cancer? 

Yes, we do. Dentists and hygienists are your first line of defense in detecting and treating oral cancer. Each year in the US, approximately 30,000 people are newly diagnosed with oral cancer. Worldwide, the problem is far greater, with new cases annually approaching 300,000. In the US alone, a person dies from oral cancer every hour of every day. If you add the sub category of laryngeal cancers, the rates of occurrence (about 10,000 additional new cases per year) and death are significantly higher. However, the good news is, when found early, oral cancers have an 80 to 90% cure rate. 

I think I grind my teeth at night. What can I do about this? 

Do you wake up with discomfort in your jaws or a persistent headache? If so, you may be grinding (called bruxing) while you sleep. Persistent bruxing can damage teeth and cause them to get shorter and shorter. It can also damage your temporomandibular (jaw) joints and even affect your hearing. If you suspect that you are a bruxer, call us today. Our doctors may recommend a night guard or other oral appliance. 

What is a TMJ disorder? 

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, your jaw joints. The ache, discomfort, or tenderness in or around the jaw joints is called a TMJ disorder.  

Signs that you might have a TMJ disorder are: 

  • Facial irritation or tenderness 
  • Jaw ache
  • Ache in or around the ears 
  • Neck strain 
  • Jaw stiffness 
  • Discomfort while chewing 
  • Headaches 
  • Difficulty opening and closing the mouth 
  • Jaw “locking up” 
  • Jaw makes a clicking sound 
  • Teeth that don’t come together properly when eating or chewing 

There are a variety of treatment options for TMJ. Be sure to ask us about these. 

Do you accept patient referrals from other dentists? 

We do accept referrals from other dental offices. Many dental offices prefer not to provide denture services. Also, many times in complex cases it’s difficult to provide the services for a patient who might have to go to multiple specialty offices for treatment. If you are a doctor and have a patient who is difficult to treat, needs dentures, or needs a combination of laser gum therapy (LANAP) and denture, we would gladly see your patient for a consultation. 

Infection Control

How Important Is Infection Control in a Dental Office? 


Well, that’s an easy one. It’s VERY important. Without proper sterilization of water lines, it’s possible to spread contaminants, which can be dangerous. Here at #### we take this very seriously. We use a system called DentaPure™. It’s the same purification system used on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. This advanced system keeps our water lines free from possible contaminants. Another brand option: “A-dec ICX™ water treatment. This advanced system keeps our water lines free from possible contaminants.”

Meet the Team

A Friendly and Caring Team

In order to provide the highest level of service, we have selected a team that is not only competent, but unusually warm and friendly. People like this are not easy to find. We are very fortunate to have built such a quality team. You’ll notice the difference on your first visit!


Your Time is Valuable

We are committed to ensuring that your visit to our office is as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Many of our services and programs focus on saving you time and effort. It is also important that you receive personalized attention, so that we can offer you faster and more comfortable dental care.

Here are ways we make it easy and more affordable for your family to get quality dental care.

Your Comfort

Reducing anxiety can make all the difference between a great visit to the dentist and an awful one. We offer nitrous oxide so you can not only relax through your treatment, you can drive yourself home when it’s over!

Treatment for the Whole Family

Kids love us! No matter what your age, we focus on the unique care you require. We are also sensitive to the needs of our elderly patients.

Same-Day Emergency Care

No one wants to face a dental emergency. But if you do suffer one, we’re able to see you the same day to ease your discomfort.

Convenient Location

Our office is located on ###, just off of ####. We are also only a few blocks from ####.

Convenient Hours

We are pleased to offer evening appointments to accommodate your busy schedule.


To make your visit more relaxing, we offer WiFi internet and refreshments.

New Patient Forms

Complete these at your own pace at home, saving you time and ensuring you didn’t forget anything important.

Financial Options

We offer multiple ways to pay for your care. If you have dental insurance, we’ll help you file for maximum benefits. For your portion of the payment, we take all major credit cards and offer an interest-free payment plan.



Before Your First Visit 


Click on the new patient forms button to view and print our forms. You can complete these comfortably and at your own pace at home. Then when you come to the office, you’ll be all ready to go, saving you time and ensuring you didn’t forget anything important. 


If you have any questions about these forms, don’t hesitate to contact the office and we’ll be delighted to provide answers or clarification. 


Financial Options 


We Do Our Best to Make it Easy for You to Get the Beautiful Smile You Deserve! 

We accept cash, personal checks, and most major credit cards. We also offer prepayment discounts. Our office accepts nearly all major insurance plans. Even though dental insurance is a private arrangement between you and your company, we will file your claim, handle all the paperwork, and help you get maximum insurance benefits. Ask us about our easy financing options with interest-free, flexible monthly payment plans you can apply for right in our office. 

Cosmetic Dentistry 

 We emphasize the aesthetic aspect in ALL our work because we know that when your smile looks good, you feel good! We use the best combination of preventive care, tooth-colored fillings, and restorative techniques for optimum dental health. Modern smile makeovers are so easy (and affordable!) that there’s simply no reason you can’t have the perfectly beautiful, natural-looking smile you’ve always wanted. Click the headlines below to learn more about some of our options for helping you achieve the smile of your dreams. 

A Crown Restores a Damaged Tooth 

(Procera Crowns)

Crowns are sometimes necessary to save a broken or worn-down tooth when a simple filling will not restore it to full functionality. A crown will save and even add strength to the damaged tooth. We use the most advanced materials to make your crown, which will look so natural you won’t be able to distinguish it from a real tooth.  

An Affordable Alternative for Multiple Missing Teeth 

For some patients who have more than one missing tooth, a bridge may be a suitable solution. Custom made with the same high-quality materials, a bridge is anchored on both sides with crowns and fills the gap for a return to function and comfort, as well as a full smile. 


For More Precise Fitting Crowns 


The Cadent iTero™ digital impression system is dentistry gone 3-D. With iTero, your dentist takes a highly accurate digital impression for your crown or bridge area, completely eliminating the uncomfortable tray and putty impression. What’s more, iTero technology all but guarantees a perfect fit for your new crown or bridge, so you spend less time at the dentist’s office and more time enjoying your new smile. 


KöR™ Whitening  – The Next Evolution in Teeth Whitening 


We are proud to offer a new teeth whitening procedure called KöR Whitening. Most whitening methods work extremely well in competent professional hands; however, even the best treatments sometimes don’t work on severely stained teeth. An example of this is the staining you may have if you took the antibiotic tetracycline. But now, with KöR Whitening, even these severely stained teeth can go brilliantly white. If you’ve ever been disappointed in the results from other methods, you will be amazed at this technique. 


We also offer custom whitening trays, made in our own lab. You will receive supplies and instructions and you finish the procedure at home. This technique is safe and effective. Results occur within 1 – 14 days. 


Teeth Whitening – Dazzling Results in Just One Visit! 

The only way to get your teeth their whitest is by using professional-strength whitening. You may have seen our method of in-office whitening on television. It’s called power whitening. Now you can have brilliantly white teeth, without stains or darkness, in just one visit. The results can last for years!  


Teeth Whitening – Dazzling Results!

It’s natural to want brighter teeth! Whiter teeth are healthier looking, and easier to achieve than most people think. The only way to get your teeth their whitest is by using a professionally supervised bleaching process.  

We are especially proud to bring a new teeth whitening program to the (blank) area called “Whitening For Life.” For a one-time fee, you’ll receive custom-fitted whitening trays and bleaching gel. Then, twice a year you’ll receive complimentary bleaching gel for as long as you remain a patient of the practice. Now you can have brilliantly white teeth, without stains or darkness. And the best part is, you can maintain your dazzling smile for a lifetime! 

Dr. ##### offers custom whitening trays, made in her own lab. You will receive supplies and instructions and you finish the procedure at home. This technique is safe and effective. Results occur within 1 – 14 days. 

No Mercury! No Metals! No Kidding! 

For years, the silver-mercury amalgam has been the standard filling material used in dental practices, and many practices still use it. While they are a reasonable restoration, amalgams have certain shortcomings. Metal does not bond well to teeth, so decay can and does eventually leak into the tooth. But the biggest reason many of our patients are choosing the white bonded fillings has to do with the way they look. Many people just don’t want an ugly black plug in their teeth. We offer modern restorations that are a natural-looking white, contain no metals, and can actually strengthen your teeth. They also bond very tightly with the healthy part of the tooth so there is much less chance of decay in the future. 


Filling Choices to Fit Every Need 


For years, the silver-mercury amalgam has been the standard filling material used in dental practices. They are effective, affordable, and covered by insurance in most situations. Our practice also offers modern, state-of-the-art restorations that are a natural-looking white, contain no metals, and can actually strengthen your teeth. The biggest reason many of our patients are choosing the white bonded fillings has to do with the way they look—nearly invisible, compared to the metal filling. They also bond very tightly with the healthy part of the tooth to decrease the chance of future decay. We are proud to offer both alternatives, and will be happy to discuss which option is best for you. 


‘Smile Makeovers’ in as Little as Two Visits! 

 Veneers (Direct Resin)

If you have misshapen teeth, unsightly gaps, or deep discoloration, our porcelain veneers may be the answer. This is quickly and painlessly altering crooked teeth so they look like they’ve had years of straightening. Veneers are thin, but very hard, sheets of the most advanced dental ceramic available. They are bonded to natural teeth in a way that makes the teeth appear straight and uniform, creating an attractive smile. Another common dental problem is chipped, cracked, or worn teeth. Veneers can be applied to the tooth to completely conceal the chip or crack and also to reshape a worn or misshapen tooth. The veneer is made to match the color of the surrounding teeth and looks completely natural. 

 Veneers are thin porcelain coverings that fit over and are bonded to your teeth, look natural, and are made from the most advanced dental ceramic available. We also feature Lumineers™ / DuraThin. These are contact-lens thin and super translucent. Since Lumineers / DuraThin are so thin, little to no tooth reduction is necessary. Often times you won’t even need a shot! 


(Here is the Lumineers disclaimer. Start putting this under the veneer section in like 6 pt. gray text (50% black). This is for cases when the client does have permission to use the logo or the name.) 


##### Dental is an independent reseller and is not affiliated with or sponsored by Den-Mat Holdings/LUMINEERS. 


Making Your Best Smile Look Even Better! 

A beautiful smile is a wonderful thing to give yourself. But imagine how your new smile could look even better by removing facial wrinkles and age lines. In as little as one visit, we can erase lines and wrinkles from around the mouth, and erase those pesky crow’s feet and stress lines on your forehead. We now offer BOTOX® treatments to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows, in the forehead, and around the eyes.  

We offer an additional solution for restoring youthful contours to the skin. Juvederm™ is an FDA-approved cosmetic filler that is injected into the skin to soften creases or folds, support areas of volume loss, or contour specific facial areas. Local anesthetic may be used to maximize your comfort during the procedure. Call us today to see if you could benefit from these treatments. 


Cosmetic Imaging 

See how your new smile will look before any treatment! Cosmetic imaging allows us to show you what can be done with your teeth and smile before you even start treatment. Computer images of your teeth and gums can be shaped, replaced, added or lightened, resulting in your new smile. It is exciting to actually see your treatment goal. 


Look Years Younger with the Denture Fountain of Youth™ 


FOY™ Dentures provide our denture patients with unsurpassed comfort. Many patients tell us that they look 20 years younger with our FOY Dentures. Traditional dentures often don’t fit exactly right – they slip and move and often cause the face to have a sunken appearance. If you are tired of having ill-fitting dentures and instead want to enjoy comfortable eating, ask us about FOY Dentures. 


Beautiful Smiles Made Easy  

Many patients would love a cosmetic makeover, but seek alternatives to veneers or other cosmetic procedures. We’re excited to offer such an option with Snap-On Smile™. Do want a nice smile at a very affordable price? Snap-On Smile might be right for you. There is no tooth preparation required, no adhesives, and best of all, no drilling or shots. The appliance simply fits over your teeth. It’s easily removable and can even be worn while eating. Snap-On Smile can last for years, but is affordable enough to be a temporary solution. Our patients tell us that they are impressed by the natural look and feel of Snap-On Smile. We think you will be too! 


Dental Implant Restoration for a Perfect Smile  

Six Month Smiles 


Straight Teeth in Six Months – NOT Two or More Years!   


Many adults would love to have even, beautiful teeth that they don’t hesitate to show off in a smile, but aren’t interested in the long-term commitment of traditional orthodontics. The prospect of wearing braces for years keeps them smiling behind their hands or with closed mouths. 


Well, we have the solution you’ve been looking for! Six Month Smiles™ uses a revolutionary technique that moves only the teeth visible in your smile. The gentle but accelerated method can eliminate gaps, crowding, and overlapping in six months or even less! 


Another advantage to Six Month Smiles is how discreet they are. The brackets are clear, and the clear or white-colored wires are barely visible. Even though the process is fast, the method uses a low force that increases comfort. The short treatment time also allows for improved hygiene and the opportunity for an even cleaner look when it’s done. 


To top it off? Six Month Smiles is often less expensive than traditional braces, aligner therapy, or veneers! Say hello to gorgeous, straight teeth in a matter of months!  

CEREC or E4D Crowns

Natural-Looking Crowns Made While You Wait 

You know the routine. You visit the dentist. You need a crown. The dentist prepares the tooth, takes an impression and places a temporary crown. You then wait two weeks to return to the dentist, and he places the permanent crown. And if the fit isn’t perfect, then it goes back to the lab and you wait again. And return to the dentist again. 


But now, that’s all changed. Our doctors can reduce that two-week waiting period and the two or three office visits down to just a single visit with new technology! This new technology is called CEREC™, a computer-aided design and milling device. CEREC allows us to create a permanent crown in just a few minutes. Now, there’s no more waiting for the lab and no return trips to the dentist. Patients love it! 


The CEREC system allows us to repair a damaged tooth in about an hour. We no longer need to take impressions or create temporaries, and CEREC enables us to satisfy patients seeking a long-lasting, esthetic alternative to silver or plastic fillings. 


To make the restoration, we use a special camera to take a digital impression of the tooth. The picture is then displayed on a computer screen, enabling us to design the restoration. Then CEREC takes over and automatically creates the restoration. Finally, we bond the new restoration to the surface of the old tooth. 


All this makes going to the dentist much easier and faster, and who really wants to spend more time in the dental chair? 

Invisalign or ClearCorrect 


The Clear Alternative for a Straighter Smile 

Our doctors are very happy to offer Invisalign™ invisible aligners, an innovative solution that allows you to have straight teeth in as little as 9 – 15 months! These aligners can correct overcrowding, widely spaced teeth, overbite, underbite, or crossbite.  


Invisalign uses advanced 3-D computer-imaging technology to prepare your entire treatment plan from the current positioning of your teeth to your final smile. From this plan, clear thermoplastic aligners are created. These are similar to teeth-whitening trays and are custom made to exactly fit your teeth. When you place the first set of aligners, they use gentle forces to move your teeth gently into position. Approximately two weeks later, you replace them with the next set of aligners, and progress through treatment for about a year. You only need to come into the office for evaluation every four to eight weeks. Total treatment time is based on your personal needs and goals. 


Invisalign Boosts Your Confidence  

There are some distinct advantages to the Invisalign system. The best part is that no one will know you’re straightening your teeth because the clarity of the aligners renders them almost invisible! People would have to know the aligners or there, or look extremely closely, to be able to detect them. This gives you much more confidence in your smile while you are in active treatment.  


Comfort is another benefit of Invisalign. The aligners are all in one piece, with no metal or wires to be checked and adjusted, so you get to spend less time in the dentist’s chair. The lack of braces, wires, or headgear eliminates any temporary mouth irritation.  


Then there’s the convenience factor. Though you wear the aligners all day as well as while you sleep, they are easily removable for eating and brushing. You can eat and drink what you want while in treatment, with no food restrictions. And keeping your teeth clean and free of plaque is just as easy as it was before treatment, because there are no braces to get in the way of brushing and flossing. 


Straight Teeth, Fast! 


We offer two options for amazingly fast and discreet teeth straightening. If you only need straightening to the teeth visible in your smile, Six Month Smiles™ might be perfect for you. These use a new, low-force method to move your teeth, in just six months. With very thin bands that are clear or tooth-colored, they are hardly visible. Another option is ClearCorrect™ invisible aligners, which make it possible to have straight teeth in as few as 9-15 months if you have widely spaced teeth, overcrowding, underbite, overbite, and even crossbite. The metal-free, wire-free aligners cause no mouth irritation, and even better, no one will know you’re straightening your teeth because – it’s invisible! Join the many satisfied patients who have already discovered the joy of straightened teeth! Call today for a complimentary consultation. 


A Clear Choice to Straighten Your Smile 

We offer both Invisalign™ and ClearCorrect™ invisible aligners, innovative solutions that allow you to have straight teeth in as little as 9 – 15 months! These aligners can correct overcrowding, widely spaced teeth, overbite, underbite, or crossbite.  


The treatment involves changing the clear custom-made aligners approximately every two weeks, and no metal or wires means less time in the chair getting adjustments. Invisalign and ClearCorrect gently move your teeth into a straighter position step by step, until you have a more beautiful smile. No braces, wires, or headgear are required! This means no mouth irritation, and even better, no one will know you’re straightening your teeth because – it’s invisible! The clear aligners are easily removable so you can not only eat and drink what you want while in treatment, brushing and flossing are no problem!  


Join the patients who have already discovered the joy of straightened teeth – invisibly! 



Straight Teeth in About a Year – or Even Less! 

Now you can have a gorgeous smile in a very short time with FastbracesTM! This patented technique, with its special brackets and wires, moves the crown and root of the tooth at the same time, instead of in two stages like conventional braces do. Patients report the treatment to be very comfortable, and because treatment can be completed for most patients in less than a year, it’s very affordable! You spend far less time in the dental chair getting adjustments, and you can choose clear brackets for a very discreet option. Call today for a complimentary consultation and you can say hello to a new smile in just a few months! 

Missing Teeth? 


Missing Teeth? Why Not ‘Grow’ New Ones? 

Dental implants are the ideal way to replace lost teeth. From the front of the mouth, where they are most visible, to the back, where they provide stability to chew a full variety of foods, implants can help you recapture a beautiful and healthy smile. Unlike bridges or removable dentures, which sit on top of the gums, dental implants are placed under the gums. The “tooth” placed on an implant appears life-like, because it comes through the gums just like the original did – it’s like growing a new tooth! Implants can be used to replace any number of lost teeth. Even people with no teeth can benefit from implants, because they can replace their dentures with teeth that don’t move around when they talk and don’t need to be taken out at night. Because we handle the entire process from implant placement to crown fabrication, there’s no need to be referred to another office.  After an oral surgeon places a titanium post, Dr. ##### will custom-create natural-looking restorations. Get the smile you deserve – permanently!


New Breakthrough with Mini Implants 


Do you have dentures because you were told you couldn’t get implants due to insufficient bone density? Are you wearing dentures that slip, tilt, or wander, and you would prefer to have the strength and stability of implants? You will be happy to know of a relatively recent breakthrough called mini-implants. Mini-implants securely anchor your dentures, eliminating slippage and trapped food. They are placed in one visit and are virtually painless. You can look forward to eating the same day you receive them. Additionally, they can often be placed where regular implants cannot, so you can receive the benefits of mini implants even if you are not a candidate for regular implants. 


Overdentures – No More Messy Denture Adhesives! 


People who wear dentures will tell you that the worst part is having their teeth slip, tilt, or slide while they’re eating. They have to use denture adhesive to try to keep their teeth from moving around. This is a major irritant for them. But now, at Beautiful You Family Dental, we offer our denture patients an alternative – overdentures. 


With the use of just a few dental implants to support the dentures, your teeth will be “locked” into place so they won’t move. Yet they easily snap off for cleaning. Say good bye to messy creams! Ask us if you are a candidate for overdentures!  


Immediate Load Implants – Another Option  


In addition to traditional implants, we are also happy to offer our patients All-on-4™ immediate load implants. With this option, you will need only four implants, which securely hold permanent dentures in place that never need to be taken out. And the best part is that you can arrive in our office with missing or unhealthy teeth and leave with beautiful, functioning teeth – all in the same day. The use of four to six strategically positioned implants allows for very strong support for your new teeth. Immediate load implants can withstand pressure immediately without having to wait for the bone to heal around it. 


In the past when a patient lost teeth through trauma, disease, or extraction and opted to have dental implants, they would most often need to be referred to an oral surgeon. The surgeon would place the implants and send the patient back to the regular dentist to have the teeth placed on the implants. In our practice, we can place the immediate load implants and the teeth in a single visit. And the patient doesn’t have to endure six months of having a space in their mouth. 


Solutions for Denture Wearers (for practices that do implants) 

For some patients, traditional dentures are the best solution for missing teeth. Dr. ### can design and fit natural-looking dentures that won’t slip! This breakthrough involves fitting the denture plate so securely that you no longer have to worry about the foods you eat or that your dentures might shift or slip. If you are a denture wearer, be sure to ask us about this. It will make your life so much easier. 

Solutions for Denture Wearers (for practices that don’t do implants) 

Are you tired of your dentures slipping? Dr. ### can design and fit natural-looking dentures that won’t slip! This breakthrough involves fitting the denture plate so securely that you no longer have to worry about the foods you eat or that your dentures might shift or slip. If you are a denture wearer, be sure to ask us about this. It will make your life so much easier. 

Children’s Dentistry 


We Care About Kids! 


Dr. ##### strives to make children of all ages feel at ease and enjoy themselves, so bring the whole family along! You can rest assured your child will receive the latest advancements in children’s dentistry, delivered with caring, thoughtfulness, and compassion. We encourage the proper dental care habits in children and enjoy teaching them how to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime. We look forward to seeing them for their first dental visit when they are eight months old and watching them grow year after year. 


One of our goals is to make sure that this and future generations of children grow up without a fear of the dental office. According to our many happy parents, we are doing just that! Our office is a relaxed and happy place that children love to visit. Whether you have an active six-year-old or a scared three-year-old, we are here to help you.  


Choosing Your Child’s Dentist is Like Choosing Their Pediatrician 


Instilling good habits early, in an environment that’s comfortable and fun, is essential for a lifetime of good oral health. Children’s teeth can be very susceptible to cavities at a young age due to many factors: 


Children are not able to brush well on their own. Because of this, it is important for parents to be involved in their child’s daily dental care. This ensures both thorough cleaning and the development of proper dental habits. Little kids tend to eat more often during the day (grazing). This results in a prolonged exposure to acid (every time you eat you make acid), which may cause more cavities. 


A tooth that is not as clean as it should be will generate additional acid that can speed up the development of cavities. The good news is that identifying poor dietary and hygiene habits, along with applying a fluoride varnish to the mineralizing teeth, can significantly reduce the chance of your child having a cavity. 


Preventing Child Tooth Decay – the Easy Way! 


We know that children often don’t do a very good job of brushing their teeth. This can apply to adults too! Even meticulous brushing often may not reach the deep grooves in the back teeth. This results in bacteria, acid, and plaque formation, which will lead to decay. And once the tooth has decay, it is damaged permanently and will need a filling or crown. 


What if there was a way to help prevent all this from happening? Fortunately, there is! The application of dental sealants will do the trick. 


Here’s how it works: 

  • The tooth (or teeth) is cleaned and sterilized. 
  • A thin plastic coating is applied. This is usually white or clear in color. 
  • A curing light is applied to the sealant to bond it into place. 
  • The whole procedure takes just a few minutes. There are no shots or drills or removal of any tooth structure. 
  • It’s totally harmless. 


Applying dental sealants is one of the best preventive things both children and adolescents can do to preserve their natural teeth! 


No More Cavities – Ever! Is This Even Possible?  

Cavities are caused by a bacterial infection known as “caries.” This infection is not only treatable, but preventable. Dr. ##### uses the CariFree™ program. CariFree was developed to help patients become cavity-free by assessing risks for dental disease, diagnosing the presence of the bacterial caries infection that causes cavities, and treating the infection using preventive medical techniques. 


Dr. ##### would much rather help patients prevent cavities than have to fill them, and the CariFree program has been effective in doing just that. During your visit you will receive a “caries risk assessment.” We will evaluate whether you have factors present that can put you at risk for decay. You will then be given at-home instructions and the products needed to keep you and your family cavity free. 


Neuromuscular Dentistry is for Kids Too! 


Bite problems, headaches, facial pain and difficulty breathing are problems that don’t just affect adults. Kids can have these problems too. Recently Dr. ##### has been trained in Children’s Neuromuscular Orthodontics at the world renowned #####. This intense training focused on understanding facial development, skeletal misalignment, airway obstruction and the value of early intervention with specialized orthodontic treatment. Early detection and treatment of bite problems and airway obstruction in children is very important to prevent these conditions from developing further and causing additional problems. We don’t want our kids to have severe problems later in life! 


Protect More Than Just Your Dental Future 


You’ve probably heard about stem cells and the research that’s being done all over the world. Human stem cells have the potential to help in possibly curing many dreaded diseases. Stem cells contribute to the regenerative process in the body. They heal bones, skin, cartilage, muscles, and many other tissues. 


Current medical research shows amazing promise in the treatment of a wide variety of  maladies, including:   

  • Brain Injuries  
  • Heart Disease  
  • Arthritis  
  • Muscular Dystrophy  
  • Leukemia  
  • Crohn’s Disease  
  • Multiple Sclerosis 
  • Diabetes  
  • Parkinson’s Disease  
  • Gum Disease  
  • Sports Injuries  
  • Anti-aging Applications 


What if you could save your own stem cells and keep them stored in case you need them later in order to combat disease? Well, now you can. As it turns out, your teeth contain stem cells. Extracted teeth can be harvested and stored. Instead of discarding children’s primary teeth as they lose them, you can have them preserved for any future medical needs that might crop up. 

Your Comfort 


The Complete Range of Sedation Dentistry Options 

While we take great pride in being able to deliver painless injections, some patients are naturally anxious at even the thought of a needle. If this sounds like you, we have an offering that may help. One hour before your visit you take a pill that we dispense to you. You reach a level of sedation that allows you to respond to questions but relax through your entire visit. This is also ideal for those who have a busy schedule and want to get all their treatment done in one visit. Dr. ##### has one of the few general practices in the country qualified to administer not only oral sedation, but also IV sedation for all procedures, extensive or minor. With some cases, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas). We want you to feel comfortably relaxed throughout treatment. 



Dental Care in a Relaxing Environment 


Even though Dr. ##### takes great pride in being able to deliver painless injections, some people are naturally anxious at even the thought of a needle. If you or a loved one breaks into a cold sweat at the mention of the word “dentist,” we have a simple solution. 


One hour before your visit, you take a pill that we dispense to you. You will reach a level of sedation that allows you to respond to questions but mostly sleep through your entire visit. This is ideal for fearful people or those who have a busy schedule and want to get all their treatment done in one visit. 


Nitrous Oxide Sedation 

Nitrous oxide sedation, also known as “laughing gas,” is commonly used to make treatment more comfortable. This sedation is inhaled through a mask that allows you to breathe in the medication and induces a state of relaxation. Local anesthetic will be administered in conjunction with nitrous oxide to eliminate pain in most cases. 


The STA System™ with The Wand™ 


The first computer-controlled local anesthetic system. Just one injection at a single tooth with The Wand is all that’s needed to numb an area. It lets the dentist precisely anesthetize a single tooth in only one to two minutes, rather than administering an anesthetic that numbs your entire lip. This is a more accurate and safer delivery of anesthesia. The STA works immediately, whereas the typical anesthetic can take 8 to 12 minutes, and lasts as long as traditional anesthesia. This technology has been clinically proven to provide a pain-free injection. 


No More “Fat Lips” or Numbness After Treatment! 


When a patient leaves the dental chair after routine care, they are often “numb” for 3 to 5 hours. It’s hard to talk or eat and the face and lips feel “fat.” What if that didn’t have to happen anymore? We are very pleased to offer our patients OraVerse™. What this amazing product does is reverse the anesthetic after your treatment is finished. It takes about fifteen minutes to get a patient back to normal. So if the thought of being numb for hours after your treatment makes you uncomfortable – we can take care of that for you! 

Painless Injections? Is This Possible? 

In a word, yes! Even if you aren’t nervous about going to the dentist – who wants to feel even a little pain? Nobody! We are proud to be one of the first dental practices to employ the very latest in dental technology that helps to eliminate the fear of needles. It’s called Vibraject™. This device sends gentle vibrations to the area of the injection. The vibrations are picked up by the nerve endings before the sensation of the needle. This essentially eliminates any pain messages and allows us to give you a comfortable pain-free injection. Our patients routinely tell us they “didn’t feel a thing!”



Modern dentistry is always developing ways to make your visits faster, easier, more comfortable, and better for the world around us. The latest advances allow for earlier, less-invasive treatment, which means faster healing times and greater precision for dental procedures. And the results can be outstanding! 

Goodbye to Goopy Impressions!

The TRIOS™ digital impression system eliminates the uncomfortable challenge of tray-and-putty impressions for such things as clear aligners, crowns, or whitening trays. With the TRIOS, we take a highly precise digital impression that all but guarantees a perfect fit and a much faster dental visit!


75% Reduction in Radiation  

Introducing digital X-rays, available at our practice. With this technology, an image is taken of your mouth with a digital sensor and downloaded into our computer, where it is immediately available. We can also view your entire mouth in one shot, including the upper and lower jaws, with panoramic digital X-rays. These methods result in 75% less radiation than conventional X-rays. No more waiting for images to develop and no more chemical waste to pollute the environment. 


Intra-Oral Camera Makes You a Part of the Team (Prexion 3-D Imaging)


Dr. ##### works hand-in-hand with patients to create a bond of teamwork. One of the ways she brings this about is through the use of a high-tech tool, the intra-oral camera. This amazing device is a miniature video camera that displays a closeup picture of the inside of your mouth. You can see for yourself what work needs to be done and which teeth are doing fine. You then become a participant in each dental decision. You’ll love how this works! 

Isolite ® An Advance in Patient Comfort 

We are very pleased to offer an incredible new technology that makes your dental care much more comfortable. It’s called Isolite. Basically it’s a suction device and a brilliant light that illuminates the oral cavity and eliminates shadows. What does this mean for you? 

  • Patients spend about a third less time in the chair. 
  • Patients don’t get that “drowning or gagging” feeling because saliva doesn’t build up. 
  • Debris won’t be swallowed because the mouth is continuously being “vacuumed.” 
  • The mouth doesn’t get tired because it’s being held open. 
  • The advanced illumination helps the doctor be more accurate. 

Modern dentistry requires a dry “field” for best results. The Isolite keeps the teeth and gums dry and often eliminates the need for the bulky rubber dam. 

Worried About Knocking Out a Tooth?  

Did you know that 5 million teeth are knocked out each year in the United States alone? Many sports can be dangerous without the proper protection. The one-size-fits-all mouthguards found in stores just don’t fit very well. Wearing these, proper breathing can be difficult while running during sports. On the other hand, custom-made sports mouthguards fit well, protect well, and can be worn for any sport. The American Dental Association recommends wearing custom mouthguards for the following sports: Acrobatics, basketball, boxing, field hockey, football, gymnastics, handball, ice hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, racquetball, roller hockey, rugby, shotputting, skateboarding, skiing, skydiving, soccer, squash, surfing, volleyball, water polo, weight lifting, wrestling.  


The Cleanest Your Teeth Can Be 


We use a Piezo Scaler™ to aid in removing deposits of plaque and calculus (tartar) from your teeth, especially under the gumline and even in deep pockets, in the case of gum disease treatments. This hand tool uses high-frequency vibrations to enable us to remove deposits on your teeth faster than with regular scaling instruments. Your teeth have never felt so clean! As a bonus, most patients report less discomfort with the Piezo Scaler. 


The Diagnodent Laser Scanner Finds Ultrasmall Cavities Years Earlier 


Have you ever had a dentist find a cavity and place a large filling, and wondered why the filling is so large if the cavity wasn’t there just six months before? The cavity was there six months before — it just wasn’t big enough to show on X-rays, and it wasn’t visible to the dentist yet. The laser scanner can find cavities years earlier, when the small cavity can be removed and repaired with a small invisible bonded filling. Sometimes patients complain of tooth sensitivity, or mild to severe pain, yet X-rays and examination cannot pinpoint the source. Patients are often given sensitivity toothpaste to deal with the problem. Sometimes, dentists have to perform root canals to get the pain or sensitivity to stop, when the actual source turned out to be undetectable decay. The laser scanner can detect previously undetected decay and, once identified, allow us to remove the discomfort and leave you with a healthy smile. 


Three-Dimensional Dentistry! 


We are proud to be one of the first practices in our area to use 3-D cone beam CT digital imaging technology. Think of this as a three dimensional X-ray that is FAR more accurate than traditional X-rays, takes much less time and does all this with much less radiation exposure. 


A great advantage of using ultra cone beam images when diagnosing patients and evaluating treatment options is the dentist’s ability to clearly see the patient’s anatomy in 3-D, instead of flat, two-dimensional images. This leads to much greater accuracy for all dental treatment, especially implant placement and any oral surgeries. 


HealOzone™ – Ozone Treatment Reverses Tooth Decay 


We are proud to be one of the first dental practices in the US to utilize the revolutionary new technology for treating dental decay WITHOUT drilling or actually doing ANYTHING to the tooth! It’s called HealOzone. Ozone (O3) is a gas that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi within 40 seconds. It has been used for many years as a common water and air purifier. After we detect the presence of decay within the tooth or on the surface, we apply a special suction cup handpiece to focus Ozone onto the decayed area. This eliminates all the bacteria. Then the tooth is bathed in a re-mineralization fluid. This allows the tooth to heal without any shots or drilling. 


The patient feels no pain or discomfort whatsoever because there are no shots and there’s no drilling. Nothing is done to the tooth other than the application of the ozone and the fluid that allows the tooth to re-mineralize. Studies conducted at Belfast University found that 10 seconds of Ozone killed 99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi that were present in the tooth (including the bacteria inside a tooth that creates a cavity). In one study, 99% of cavities were halted. Of the control group in the same study, where teeth were left untreated, 80% of cavities became worse. Find out if Ozone treatment is for you! 


Tooth Decay: A Different Approach – The ICON™ Method. 


Dr. ##### is a firm believer that “the best dentistry is the least dentistry.” This is embodied in the philosophy called “micro invasive dentistry.” Drilling and filling is of course a perfectly valid way to treat decay and restore teeth. One drawback to this however is that healthy tooth structure can be lost during treatment. With the Icon method tooth decay can be treated in the very beginning stages before it becomes a big problem. And the best part? NO DRILLING. In fact, you won’t even need a shot. It’s completely painless. This treatment ARRESTS the development of dental caries without losing any healthy tooth structure. Ask us is the Icon method is right for you or your family. 


Microscopes in Dentistry – Accurate, Less Invasive Treatment Catches Problems When They are Small 


Our doctors are some of only a handful of dentists who have extensive training and experience with the use of the dental microscope. What does this mean for our patients? We are able to detect decay and fractures in teeth at a much earlier stage. This means more healthy tooth structure can be preserved and tooth strength is significantly increased, as fillings can be much smaller. 


Because of the superior visualization, there is a far greater certainty that ALL decay is removed before fillings or crowns are placed. Using the microscope also ensures that the final fit and finish of all fillings and crowns is more accurate. Additional benefits include less postoperative discomfort, faster healing, and better results. 


Headache and Migraine Sufferers — We May Have Your Miracle Treatment! 

Have you ever heard Diane Sawyer talk about the NTI™ device on Good Morning America, or read about it in People magazine? This little miracle device is an FDA-approved, drug-free treatment for the prevention of migraine and tension headaches, and it’s now available in our practice. It works by relaxing the muscles under the scalp and preventing the majority of headaches. In clinical trials, 82% of migraine sufferers had relief of their headaches, with a 77% reduction in migraine events. It’s painless, fast, and NOT expensive. If you experience migraines or know someone who does then be sure to ask us about this exciting new treatment. 


Oral Cancer – Early Detection Can be a Lifesaver 


Dr. ##### has discovered a revolutionary early detection system for oral cancer. He is able to shine a special light in your mouth called the ViziLite™ to see if there is cause for concern. With an estimated 29,000 cases of oral cancer diagnosed last year, a quick and painless oral cancer screening can be more than just a good idea. When oral cancer is discovered at an early stage, treatment is faster, simpler, less invasive and 90% successful. Not only is ViziLite painless, and it might just save your life. 


The Risks and Realities of Oral Cancer 

One American dies every hour from oral cancer, and the mortality rate has remained virtually unchanged for 40 years. Early detection is so important, because it means a 90% cure rate. To help us ensure your complete oral health, we are pleased to provide highly effective oral cancer screenings using the newest FDA-approved oral cancer screening system, VELscope™. This tool uses a specially designed light that makes any suspicious tissue immediately and easily visible during your exam. This screening could literally save your life! 


What is Oral DNA testing and how can patients benefit from it? 


Recent studies and tests have shown a strong link between gum disease and other conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some forms of cancer. In our practice we take this very seriously. We employ oral DNA testing to determine any genetic predisposition our patients may have toward inflammatory gum infections. Oral DNA testing allows us to determine not only if a patient is susceptible to gum disease but also the types of bacteria in the mouth so the patient can be treated more effectively. These tests are quick painless and non-invasive and will enable us to create a treatment program specifically for you. 


No More “Fat Lips” or Numbness After Treatment! 


When a patient leaves the dental chair after routine care, they are often “numb” for 3 to 5 hours. It’s hard to talk or eat and the face and lips feel “fat.” What if that didn’t have to happen anymore? We are very pleased to offer our patients OraVerse™. What this amazing product does is reverse the anesthetic after your treatment is finished. It takes about fifteen minutes to get a patient back to normal. So if the thought of being numb for hours after your treatment makes you uncomfortable – we can take care of that for you! 


Worried About Knocking Out a Tooth?  

Did you know that 5 million teeth are knocked out each year in the United States alone? Many sports can be dangerous without the proper protection. The one-size-fits-all mouthguards found in stores just don’t fit very well. Wearing these, proper breathing can be difficult while running during sports. On the other hand, custom-made sports mouthguards fit well, protect well, and can be worn for any sport. The American Dental Association recommends wearing custom mouthguards for the following sports: Acrobaticss, basketball, boxing, field hockey, football, gymnastics, handball, ice hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, racquetball, roller hockey, rugby, shotputting, skateboarding, skiing, skydiving, soccer, squash, surfing, volleyball, water polo, weight lifting, wrestling. 


For Your Peak Athletic Performance 

You may not realize how important the jaw is when it comes to power and strength. A properly aligned jaw is an important part of training to full capacity. We are proud to offer our athletes AgilityGuard™ / UnderArmour ArmourBite  Mouthguard™. This custom-fitted mouthguard incorporates forty years of proven neuromuscular dentistry research to give that extra edge to your training. Whether you seek better balance, longer endurance, improved strength, or more power, ask us how we can put AgilityGuard / ArmourBite on your team! 


Do You Have Pain in Your Temples or Jaw Joints? Are Your Teeth Sore or Sensitive? 


Has your dentist ever asked you to bite down on what looks like a piece of carbon paper? The dentist was checking your “occlusion” or how your teeth mesh together. Improper meshing can lead to pain in the teeth, muscles, and jaw joints. It can also cause fractures in teeth and crowns and can even lead to nighttime teeth grinding. Aligning the teeth properly can be incredibly complex, since interference the thickness of a human hair can cause problems. That’s why Dr. ##### is proud to be one of the first dental practices in the country to use a state-of-the-art instrument called the Tekscan™. This computerized bite analysis ensures your teeth are properly aligned so you won’t have the problems that come with a “bad bite.” 


State-of-the-Art Sterilization 

Sterilization is taken very seriously in our office. In addition to cleaning and sterilizing all instruments after every use, single-use tools are used where needed. Instruments are sterilized after each use with a special unit called an autoclave, which is regularly monitored by an independent lab to ensure the highest level of safety and cleanliness. Your health is too important to us to take even the slightest risk. 

Dental Laser


Introducing the Picasso™ Laser 

Our practice now features Picasso Laser technology for safe and effective treatment that is virtually painless and easier than ever before! The laser is FDA approved and produces results that only a few years ago would have been considered miraculous. Many treatments that used to require scalpels or incisions can now be completed with the laser. We are able to cosmetically treat uneven gummy smile lines, speed up recovery time, clean and re-contour inflamed tissue around crowns for better long term results and treat painful canker sores and mouth ulcers with instant relief!  All with virtually no post-op discomfort! 


New Laser Treatment for Gum Disease 

 Our office is licensed to practice the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure™, a minimally invasive method of treating gum disease. LANAP is the only laser-assisted procedure certified by the FDA for treatment of periodontitis or gum disease. You may have heard about or experienced the remarkable results from laser treatments for vision correction and other medical procedures. Now, that same technology is revolutionizing dentistry! With LANAP, gum disease can be treated successfully without scalpels or sutures, so healing and recovery is generally faster and less painful than traditional gum surgery. If you’ve been told you need gum surgery, but have been putting it off, let us show you how easy your treatment really can be. 


Painless Treatment for Gum Disease 


We offer a wonderful, FDA-approved treatment called Perio Protect™ that may save you from having to undergo gum surgery. Dr. (###) is proud to bring this new treatment to her patients. It’s easy, completely painless, and extremely effective. It’s as simple as wearing teeth whitening trays! Gum disease can be treated quickly and effectively, but only when the medication remains between the teeth and below the gum line. Up until now the problem has always keeping the medication in these areas. The body has a continual flow of saliva that washes away medications in just a minute or two. This severely limits the effectiveness of any gum treatment. The breakthrough of Perio Protect is that the special trays will keep the medication where it’s supposed to be for a much longer period of time. This means healing can occur very quickly. Patients often see results in just a few days.  

Have You Been Told You Need Gum Surgery? With New Laser Treatment, Maybe You Don’t! 


We have discovered a miraculous technique for the non-surgical laser treatment of gum disease with absolutely amazing results. This allows most of our patients to avoid the need for gum surgery. The procedure is minimal and patient friendly, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. And if you do need surgery we now have the miraculous new PerioLase™. This is the only FDA-approved laser for safety and effectiveness for gum surgery. It minimizes the surgical treatment and greatly enhances the re-growth of bone around the teeth – something that a few years ago was thought to be impossible! 


Laser Dentistry – No Shots or Drills! 


What would you say if you could have your fillings placed painlessly without drills or needles? You’d probably say, “Where do I sign up?” Well, now, in many cases, you can with a revolutionary new laser technology known as the WaterLase™ / Hoya™ Laser.  Unlike lasers of the past, this laser is used for both gum and tooth procedures. Previous dental lasers were used only for the gums or whitening the teeth. This new water laser is a breakthrough in comfortable dentistry. Energy from the laser is absorbed by water instead of by the teeth. The microscopic water droplets are energized by the laser, and it is actually the energized water that removes the tooth decay – and usually with no pain and no need for needles. For many dental procedures the WaterLase / The Hoya Laser replaces the dentist’s drill. 


Laser Treatment – An Alternative to Gum Surgery 


As new dental procedures evolve, more options are becoming available for treating gum disease. And, by treating gum disease before it becomes severe, painful surgery can often be avoided. Considered an almost miraculous development, dental lasers provide an easy, painless, and minimally invasive procedure for the effective treatment of gum disease. Because the process eliminates scalpels and sutures, the healing process is usually faster. The laser is safe and can actually help to increase bone mass that is often lost from gum disease. 


Introducing Laser Dental Procedures 


Dental lasers are FDA-approved and provide an exciting new way to ease discomfort during dental procedures. Treatments that were previously performed with scalpels or incisions can now be completed with a laser. Less-invasive treatment means improved results and faster healing. We are able to cosmetically treat uneven gummy smile lines, clean and re-contour inflamed tissue around crowns, arrest gum disease, and heal painful canker sores and mouth ulcers with instant relief! The results are absolutely outstanding! 



Engineering Straighter Teeth 

(Metal Braces) 

(Self-Ligating Braces)

Traditional orthodontics typically involve the use of metal or possibly ceramic braces. Steady, gentle pressure in the direction of desired change will correct the position of teeth over time. Here’s how it works: Stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic brackets are bonded to the tooth. These brackets work as handles to which other components are attached to move your tooth in various directions. A skinny metal wire known as an archwire connects to each bracket. Using tension, the archwire places pressure on your teeth to move them into place. Colorful (or clear) elastic bands are stretched to hold the archwires to the brackets. As adjustments are needed, archwires of various diameters are tensioned and ligature elastics are changed.  


Conventional braces allow Dr. ##### to exert more control over how your teeth are straightened. More complex corrections can be made using this technique. Because this type of braces can’t be easily removed and are constantly monitored, there is less risk of problems caused by failure to wear the proper aligner for the appropriate amount of time. In general, braces are worn for two to two-and-a-half years. However, everyone requires a different amount of correction and the time needed will vary by patient. 


Orthodontics – How Long Will it Take? 

Using the latest in modern techniques, Dr. ##### can now make braces more comfortable and attractive than ever. It used to be that you might spend 3 – 5 years in treatment. It’s not that way anymore! The time needed for treatment will vary from person to person but usually can be completed in 6 – 24 months or less. For cost-effective and time-tested results, traditional metal braces may be the way to go. Give us a call today for a Complimentary Orthodontics Consultation to learn more. 


(interceptive orthodontics) 


Starting Early, A Full Range of Orthodontic Options 


You trust Dr. ##### to take care of your child’s routine dental care. But did you know that he also has extensive orthodontics training? He sees children at the most crucial ages, between 6 and 11, when they have a mix of baby and permanent teeth, and his thorough knowledge of craniofacial growth and development allows him to identify and correct teeth and jaw disharmony early, saving you money. 


Early correction by a trained dentist, can save thousands of dollars from seeing a specialist and prevent unnecessary extractions of permanent teeth as a teen. Dr. ##### can address early crowding of front teeth, crossbites in the back teeth, and mismatch of upper and lower jaws thus correcting these in less than 6 to 18 months before they get to their teenage stage. 




Prevention Now…or Braces Later 


Many of us remember the embarrassment and discomfort of wearing braces as a child. In some cases, this is necessary in order to correct serious malocclusions (or bite disorders). However, in many instances, early treatment by a qualified and knowledgeable dentist can minimize the extent of orthodontics or very possibly eliminate the need altogether! 


Younger children have the advantage of growth on their side, and their teeth and bones are more pliable than those of adults. Realizing a child has a malocclusion at an early age can be very beneficial to how the permanent teeth come together. The earlier the detection, the more planning and prevention we can offer to your child. 


Using the latest in modern techniques, the staff at The Healthy Smile Center can now make braces more comfortable and attractive than ever. It used to be that a child or adult might spend 3 to 5 years in treatment. It’s not that way any more! The time needed for treatment will vary from person to person but usually can be completed in 6 – 24 months or less. 


Straight Teeth in Six Months or Less 


Adult cosmetic braces can give you a beautiful smile, quickly and comfortably. If your teeth have gaps, or are crowded and overlapped, most cases can be completed in six months or less. This is done by gently moving the teeth that are visible in your smile, to the desired position. Not only can this be accomplished in a short time, it’s also much more comfortable than traditional braces. And you can hardly see them because clear or white colored bands are used.  


We also offer an oral appliance called the Inman Aligner™. This appliance is similar to a retainer that is easily removable and allows you to eat and drink what you want while in treatment, and brushing and flossing are no problem! With this affordable option, it is possible to straighten the teeth in the front of your mouth in three months or less! 


Get the smile you’ve always wanted and have gorgeous, straight teeth in months instead of years!  


Straight Teeth in Six Short Months  


The Powerprox Six Month Braces™ Technique is a revolutionary technology that will give you a beautiful smile, quickly and comfortably. Whether your teeth have gaps, or are crowded and overlapped, many cases can be completed in six months or less, and in just ten (or less) short appointments. Instead of preparing the teeth and bonding porcelain veneers to them, the teeth are moved to their most beautiful position. Because Powerprox Six Month Braces use a low-force technique, the teeth visible in your smile can be moved gently and safely with less discomfort than traditional braces. Because the treatment time is shorter, this technique is less expensive than traditional comprehensive orthodontics. 

 Tooth Extractions

In-House Tooth Extractions 


If a tooth is extensively damaged or infected, of if third molars are impacted, extraction is the solution to the problem. We do most extractions in our office, so you will not be inconvenienced with a referral to another office. Our compassionate manner will make you feel comfortable in our care for this treatment.  


Third Molar Extractions 


Third molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth, develop later than other adult teeth, usually between 17 and 25. These teeth are located at the very back of the mouth, often causing impaction if they don’t fit in the arch of the upper or lower jaw. Impaction does not allow the tooth to grow straight up; instead, it becomes enclosed in the jaw bone. This can create a range of problems, as they push and crowd other teeth, making them grow in improperly. Cavities easily develop as they are difficult to keep clean. Infection can even occur in the jaw bone. The best solution is to have them removed as soon as they develop, before these problems and the density of the jaw bone increases, making it more difficult to extract them. We are happy to perform this procedure in our office. 

Sleep Apnea & Snoring 


Always Tired? The Importance of Getting the Rest You Need to Maintain Good Health 

Sufficient rest and sleep are fundamental to your overall health. You need air. You need water. You need food. You need sleep. It is essential that your brain and body have the time they require to re-boot every single day. 


Your body, particularly your heart, gathers stress throughout the day. When you finally rest at night, your heart slows itself down and begins to decompress, relieving the stresses it has gathered. Your body needs time to recoup and collect enough energy to tackle another day. In sleep, your brain and body revitalize themselves. Your blood pressure declines, and the pace of age-related diseases slows down. You can curb illnesses such as obesity, hypertension, memory loss, and diabetes. 


Lack of sleep can burden your heart by placing excessive strain and stress on the muscle. Heart attacks, strokes, cardiovascular disease and – in severe circumstances – death have all been connected to sleep disorders. 


Snoring Isn’t Just an Annoyance 

Often times, snoring is a pre-cursor to a more critical health concern known as sleep apnea. People with sleep apnea experience an obstruction in their airway. Most of the time, they don’t even realize it. The obstruction prevents them from getting oxygen regularly throughout the night. Sleep apnea is a major contributing factor to heart disease. Those suffering from sleep apnea experience elevated blood pressure, which is a key risk factor in acquiring heart disease and strokes. 


The outcome of sleep loss can result in serious health concerns and premature death. Sleep deprivation can have negative effects on the function of your brain, increasing stress hormones and leading to depression. 


Even if you have only mild sleep apnea, being fitted with an oral appliance can result in the reduction or even cessation of snoring. This could be a great gift to your partner! 


Our Alternative to CPAP 

The traditional treatment for sleep apnea has been the CPAP device, and it remains the gold standard for moderate to severe sleep apnea. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Air Pressure. The patient is fitted with a machine that pumps a continuous stream of air into the patient’s nose or mouth throughout the night. However, many people find this uncomfortable and they stop wearing the mask. 


If you have sleep apnea and can’t tolerate or are frustrated with your CPAP, we can offer you an alternative treatment. Dr. ##### can custom fit you with an oral appliance such as the Respire Blue Series™ or TAP™ (Thornton Adjustable Positioner). These are small acrylic devices that fit over the upper and lower teeth similar to an orthodontic retainer or mouthguard. They gently realign your tongue and jaw to open your airway and allow more air flow to the lungs as you sleep. They are easy to place and remove, easy to clean, and convenient for travel.  These devices are amazingly comfortable and have an excellent success rate for sleep apnea and snoring.   


The Chao Pinhole™ Surgical Technique 


A number of causes can contribute to your gum tissue being lost, leaving the roots of your teeth exposed to risk: growing older, periodontal disease, even brushing too hard. When your gums recede and the root structure of your tooth is uncovered, the risk of decay and other infections increases dramatically.  


Previously, gum recession treatments involved removing donor tissue from your palate and suturing it into place as a graft to existing gum tissue. As the soft tissues healed, they would merge together. Although this process is highly effective, it involves considerable mouth discomfort during the healing. 


The Chao Pinhole surgical technique is different. A tiny hole is made using a needle inserted into a patient’s gums. Special instruments move through this pinhole to gently loosen the existing gum tissue. These tools gradually enlarge and shift the gumline to protect the bared root structure. Your existing tissue is merely adjusted. No grafts, no stitches, and no incisions! The results are amazing and long-lasting. Ask us if this procedure is right for you. 

Gum Health 


The Primary Cause of Lost Teeth 


Many people assume that tooth loss is due to decay. It’s not. It’s because of gum disease. And it can be completely unnoticeable right up until you lose your teeth. Symptoms include bleeding gums when you brush or floss and loose or shifting teeth. If you’ve been told you need gum surgery, you will be glad to know that it’s possible to control gum disease with a variety of non-surgical methods.  


Gum Disease Can Contribute to Heart Disease and Even Stroke 


Recent medical research has caused many doctors to reach a startling conclusion: gum disease, stroke, and heart disease are linked. Since heart disease is usually fatal, it is clear that gum disease is a serious matter. The American Dental Association estimates that 8 out of 10 Americans have periodontal (gum) disease. If this were any other affliction, such as AIDS or tuberculosis, it would be considered an epidemic! Most dentists think it is just that. They also knew that gum disease would never be labeled epidemic because “no one ever dies from it.”  The worst is that you lose your teeth. Not pleasant – but certainly not life threatening. But that’s all changed. 


The American Academy of Periodontology reports: “studies found periodontal infection may contribute to the development of heart disease, increase the risk of premature, underweight births, and pose a serious threat to people whose health is already compromised due to diabetes and respiratory diseases.” Periodontal disease is characterized by bacterial infection of the gums. These bacteria can travel into the bloodstream – straight to the heart. 


Now the Good News 


With advanced periodontal disease, the treatment is surgical. Gum surgery is never fun, but it is almost always successful in controlling the condition, and it’s usually covered by common insurance plans. With mild periodontal disease, there are very effective NON-surgical procedures that, coupled with improved dental hygiene, can virtually halt the spread of the disease. This, too, is usually covered under most dental insurance plans.  


What’s So Bad About Losing a Tooth? 


Is it a big deal to lose a tooth? I mean you can’t die from it, right? No, you can’t, but losing even a single tooth can cause the other teeth to shift and move around – not good. This can affect chewing and your ability to absorb nutrients from your food. Other bad things can happen; your face will change shape, often looking “sunken.” This can make you look much older than you really are. Your speech can be affected. Because it’s harder to chew with missing teeth, you may find yourself favoring softer foods and more carbohydrates, which can cause you to gain weight. The best way to treat a missing tooth (or missing teeth) is with dental implants. An implant can replace one tooth or many. They can be made to look so natural that even a dentist has to look hard to tell the difference. 


Defeat Gum Disease Painlessly 


The main cause for tooth loss is not decay – it’s periodontal (gum) disease! Dr. ##### is pleased to offer her patients a powerful weapon in the fight against gum disease. It’s called ARESTIN™. It comes in powder form and contains very tiny microspheres which are not visible to the eye. These microspheres deliver a time released antibiotic directly to the site of the infection (the spaces between the gums and teeth). ARESTIN kills the bacteria that cause gum disease. The best part is that it’s all painless! 


Have You Been Told You Need Gum Surgery? 


With new laser treatment, maybe you don’t! Our practice uses laser technology for the non-surgical treatment of gum disease, with results that might have been considered miraculous not too many years ago. The procedure is minimal and patient friendly, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. We have successfully treated many cases of periodontal (gum) disease without the need for gum surgery. We use an advanced dental laser to ensure your treatment is virtually painless. This laser is safe and effective, and is FDA approved. This breakthrough process actually can regenerate bone lost through years of gum disease. 


Dentistry for Adults 


The foundation of a great smile is a commitment to general dental care. Your six-month visits keep your teeth clean and healthy and help prevent problems down the road by letting us spot them early. We can address your unique concerns and develop a relationship that ensures continuity of care. 


Click on the headings below to learn more about some of the specific ways we work with you to maintain your oral health. 


The Ultimate in Patient Education 


At all levels of care, be it routine cleanings or dental restorations, cosmetic enhancements or periodontal treatments, patients can have questions. Even when you don’t know what you want to ask, it’s important for you to be able to get answers. That’s why we utilize the CAESY™ patient information program. This system enables us to provide you with comprehensive information on every aspect of dental care, from your child’s first visit to their grandparents’ dentures and everything in between. 

A Healthy Smile, A Healthy Body 


We know that your oral health is not only about looking your best. It’s about maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Did you know that the cause of most tooth loss is not decay? It’s gum disease. And recent studies have established a link between gum disease and your overall health. The good news is that gum disease can be treated successfully, often without surgery. We want all of our patients to have outstanding oral health. Our commitment to you includes paying meticulous attention to all of your needs so you look your best and have optimum health. 


The Importance of Hygiene Visits 


One of the most important reasons to visit the dentist is to have your teeth cleaned by a professional hygienist. Plaque and tartar form on teeth over time. Plaque is soft and sticky, but regular brushing can usually remove most of it. But plaque hardens into tartar, which is beyond the scope of your typical toothbrush and floss. Tartar accumulates below the gumline as well as on the surface of the teeth. If you don’t remove plaque, you risk more serious problems with your teeth and gums later on. Recent research shows a definite link between untreated gum disease and other serious conditions like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Having your teeth cleaned regularly is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy! 


What is Wellness Dentistry? 

Let’s say you become ill and decide to go to your doctor for care. And let’s say that you are treated and you recover. That’s just great! But what if you went to your doctor when you were NOT ill and you learned how NOT to get sick? That would be even better! That’s what we call “Wellness Care.” And that’s just what we do in our practice. We can certainly get your teeth and gums healthy and repair any damage just like any dental office can. But we go a step further and show you how to avoid dental problems before they become problems. We start with a very thorough examination. Most of our patients say they’ve never had such an extensive examination of their gums or teeth. We examine your bite and how your teeth come together, we look for oral cancer, gum disease, signs of wear on the teeth, and any problem that you might encounter at a later date. We want to head off any problems and make your teeth and gums healthier so you will be spending less time in the dental chair! 


Dentistry Without Drills or Needles? 

Is it possible to go to the dentist and never feel the drill or the pinch of that dreaded needle? One of the most spectacular advances in recent dentistry is called air abrasion. Instead of a conventional drill, this device aims a stream of tiny particles and air at the area of decay and gently mists it away! Many patients require little or no anesthesia at all. The sound and vibrations of the drill are gone – and so is most of the pain! For many procedures, it’s good-bye needles, good-bye drill! 


Saving Hopeless Teeth 

Teeth with roots that have been damaged or infected used to require extraction, which can cause a lot of problems and should be avoided whenever possible. The good news is that we are well experienced in advanced root canal therapy. 


A root canal is a procedure to fix a tooth by removing the pulp chamber of a tooth and filling it with a filling material. This is often necessary when dental decay reaches the nerve of the tooth (or the tooth has become infected), and a simple filling will not be suitable. 


In the not-too-distant past, the situation mentioned above would have required the tooth to be extracted. When dentists started performing root canals, they were quite dreaded, and the root canal has received a reputation as something to be avoided. However, with modern anesthetics and technology, root canals are often manageable. 


Senior Dental Care is Different 


Just as our bodies change as we get older, our teeth and gums do too. Years of plaque buildup, as well as consuming coffee, tea, or tobacco, can make teeth turn dark. Ask us about procedures that can combat these problems. Reduced flow of saliva is sometimes a side effect of medications. There are simple products that can help this condition. Your fillings are getting older, too. They can weaken or crack. Regular check-ups will allow us to stay on top of your existing fillings. Gum disease and root decay can be major problems in seniors. Daily cleaning and good nutrition are critical for healthy gums. If your gums become red or begin to bleed or your teeth start to feel loose, contact us immediately.  


Are You Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic?   


Did you know there is a link between your dental health and your ability to successfully control blood sugar levels? And did you know that all dentists are not equally prepared to assist Diabetics with their dental health? Untreated gum disease makes your diabetes worse and diabetes makes your gum disease worse. It’s a vicious cycle. You’ll be glad to know that we have received special training on dental care for diabetics. Call us today for a complimentary consultation about dentistry for diabetics. No one here will ever criticize you for having put off dental care. You can be assured of compassionate and completely non-judgmental care. We can help.  


Oral Cancer – Minimize Your Risk 


It’s an often unknown statistic that oral cancer causes one American death every hour. For 40 years, this mortality rate hasn’t changed. But it’s not all bad news. Early detection means a 90% cure rate for oral cancer. That’s why we conduct a visual screening for oral cancer at every six-month checkup and cleaning. If the hygienist or doctor sees anything that gives them cause for concern, they’ll refer you to an oral surgeon. This screening could literally save your life! 


Do You Suffer From Bad Breath?  


It can not only ruin your social life, it’s often a sign of more serious health problems. Gum disease could be present when you have chronic bad breath. Major advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of bad breath have encouraged Dr. ##### to add a Fresh Breath Center to our practice. Fresh breath can be yours again! 


Solutions for Denture Wearers 

With a breakthrough in design and fit, we can provide natural-looking, slip-proof dentures! This technique anchors the denture plate so securely that you no longer have to worry about the foods you eat or that your dentures might shift or slip. If you are a denture wearer, be sure to ask us about this. It will make your life so much easier. 


No Mercury! No Metals! No Kidding! 


For years, the silver-mercury amalgam was the standard filling material used in dental practices, and many practices still use it. While they are a reasonable restoration, amalgams have certain shortcomings. Metal does not bond well to teeth, so decay can and does eventually leak into the tooth. But the biggest reason many of our patients are choosing the white bonded fillings has to do with the way they look. Many people just don’t want an ugly black plug in their teeth. We offer modern restorations that are a natural-looking white, contain no metals, and can actually strengthen your teeth. They also bond very tightly with the healthy part of the tooth so there is much less chance of decay in the future. 


Filling Choices to Fit Every Need 


For years, the silver-mercury amalgam has been the standard filling material used in dental practices. They are effective, affordable, and covered by insurance in most situations. Our practice also offers modern, state-of-the-art restorations that are a natural-looking white, contain no metals, and can actually strengthen your teeth. The biggest reason many of our patients are choosing the white bonded fillings has to do with the way they look—nearly invisible, compared to the metal filling. They also bond very tightly with the healthy part of the tooth to decrease the chance of future decay. We are proud to offer both alternatives, and will be happy to discuss which option is best for you. 


Full-Mouth Rehabilitation 

Oral health can have a far bigger impact on a person’s life than regular cleanings and the occasional filling can address. Many patients who’ve dealt with injury, illness, bite problems, and simple wear and tear can have chronic problems that they don’t even realize began in the mouth. Bruxism (tooth grinding), TMJ, periodontitis, crooked or misshapen teeth, and missing teeth can combine to cause headaches and migraines, toothaches, chronic bad breath, and an unattractive appearance. But you don’t have to live like that. 


Dr. ##### will sit down with you to discuss your concerns, symptoms, and goals. After taking digital X-rays, photos, and imprints of your mouth, he will present options for a treatment plan to address your issues and achieve a healthy, pain-free, beautiful smile. We can also discuss phased treatment and financial planning that will put your dream smile within reach. 


Do You Suffer from Headaches, Popping Jaw Joints, or Pain While Eating? Neuromuscular Dentistry May Be the Answer. 


Neuromuscular dentistry consists of specific treatment procedures that deal with your jaw joints and how your teeth mesh together. If your teeth don’t come together just right due to a jaw joint disorder, they can become worn down and you may not be able to chew your food correctly. This can also cause a variety of head and neck pain. Many people with jaw joint problems clench their teeth at night, which can damage teeth or dental work. It does no good to give a patient a beautiful new smile that will then be destroyed by a bad bite. We want your teeth to last a lifetime! 


We are the only dental office in Northern Nevada trained extensively in neuromuscular dentistry. We’ve successfully treated many patients who have sought relief from their pain from physicians, chiropractors, and neurologists and have been told they are difficult cases. If you have aches and pains in your temples or jaw muscles, or perhaps suffer from earaches, headaches, or problems with your jaw locking up or making popping sounds, you may benefit from neuromuscular dentistry. 


TMJ/TMD – Proper Bite Alignment Treatment Helps You Say ‘Goodbye’ to Headaches and Jaw Pains! 


Did you know that dental occlusion (i.e. your bite) is sometimes the cause of frequent headaches, aching or popping jaws, shoulder pain, and neck pain? If your teeth have been ground down over the years or lost due to accident or dental disease, your jaw is not able to settle into a naturally relaxed position. This causes tension in the muscles in the jaw, and can lead to a variety of pain that you may have already grown accustomed to living with. By restoring your dental occlusion, the jaw can be returned to the position that nature intended. This highly technical procedure, known as a full mouth rehabilitation, is available in our office. If you have been living with the pain and discomfort described above, we invite you to discover the benefits that this procedure may bring to your quality of life.  


Do You Find Yourself Falling Asleep on the Job?  

If you or a loved one find yourself falling asleep during the day, or snoring loudly or having interrupted breathing during sleep, it may be sleep apnea. The traditional treatment for sleep apnea has been the CPAP device. The patient is fitted with a machine that pumps a continuous stream of air into the patient’s nose or mouth throughout the night. However, many people find this uncomfortable and they stop wearing the mask.  


If you have sleep apnea and can’t tolerate or are frustrated with your CPAP, modern dentistry has new treatment options such as oral appliances. These appliances are small acrylic devices that fit over the upper and lower teeth similar to an orthodontic retainer or mouth guard. They gently realign your tongue and jaw to open your airway and allow more air flow to the lungs as you sleep. They are easy to place and remove, easy to clean, and convenient for travel. These have been successful for over 90% of the patients who use them and are an alternative to CPAP machines. If you snore or a physician has diagnosed you with sleep apnea, give us a call today. 


What is Xylitol and What Does it Have to Do With Reducing Cavities? 


Xylitol is a natural substance found in fruits, berries, mushrooms and other vegetables. Our own bodies produce from 5 to 10 grams every day. It is particularly effective in combating tooth decay caused by eating foods high in sugars and starches. Over 25 years of clinical testing confirms that xylitol is the best sweetener for teeth. It has been endorsed by dental associations in Finland, Norway, Sweden, England, Ireland, Estonia and the Netherlands. 


Xylitol can be taken in the form of chewing gum, tablets, toothpaste, mouthwash, or even candy. It’s also very helpful for those suffering allergies and also comes in a nasal spray. In our practice we offer and encourage our patients to use xylitol products. The results have been amazing. If you want fewer cavities and better upper respiratory health, ask us about xylitol! 

Smile Gallery 


Making Your Smile Even Better! 


We have many options for obtaining the smile of your dreams, including dental implants to replace missing teeth, crowns to repair damaged teeth, and whitening for a dazzling white smile. And that’s not all!  


Smiles of Naperville Content


Excellence in Family, Cosmetic, Implant, & Orthodontic Dentistry!


Whether your dental needs are a complete exam, cleaning, a full-mouth restoration, or anything in between, our Naperville dentists will provide you with exceptional care and provide you with the proper education to help keep the natural beauty of your smile! We offer a wide variety of dental procedures and services which we provide with our team of experts, we provide the very best dental has to offer – with a gentle touch, and stunning results.

Your smile and comfort are our first priority, and that will give you something to smile about. Every person is different, and at Smiles of Naperville, we understand that the needs of patients differ from each other so dental treatments are provided to specifically match your needs. Part of our commitment to serving you as our patient includes providing information that helps you make more conscious decisions about your oral health needs.


At Smiles of Naperville, your smile and dental health is our top priority!

Dental Cleaning and Prevention

Regular trips to your dentist is the best answer to disease prevention.

Maintain the quality and beauty of your smile with regular dental cleaning and check-ups from Smiles of Naperville.

Caring for your teeth is important. Your teeth functions more than giving you the right to smile, but it also allows you to eat, speak and maintain facial integrity. If you are happy with your teeth, and you want to maintain what you have, it will be necessary for you to do all that you can to take good care of it. Caring for the health of the teeth should be a partnership between the patient and the dentist, and if you are intent on preserving the beauty of your smile, you will need to schedule regular appointments with your dentist for dental cleaning and checkups.
Regular dental cleaning and scaling with your Reflection Drive, Naperville dentists is necessary. When you visit your dentist for a regular cleaning appointment, the teeth will be scaled thoroughly and any adherent plaque and calculus will be removed. Plaque accumulates on the surface of the teeth on a daily basis. If it is not removed properly, it can accumulate and disrupt the connection between the teeth, the gums and the bone that encases the tooth within the jaw. Cleaning and scaling will ensure the health of the teeth and gums and preserve the quality and beauty of your smile.

There are other preventive procedures that a dentist can carry out in the dental office. Sealants can be applied on the tooth surface, to cover the deep grooves and fissures on the occlusal of premolars and molars, to protect it from bacterial invasion. Fluoride can also be given to the teeth of children with developing teeth, so that the teeth that grows and erupts into the mouth are strong and least susceptible to bacteria.

Dental cleaning, dental sealants and fluoride are preventive procedures that patients can receive so that they can protect their teeth and prevent them from disease.

“Prevention is better than cure”, and if you want to avoid dental restorations, and other more complicated dental procedures, you have to value what these preventive dental procedures can do for you.

Dental Exams & Teeth Cleaning

You’ll never think of going anywhere else…

When you come into Smiles of Naperville for the first time, your teeth, gums and entire mouth will be thoroughly assessed and we’ll let you know the current condition of your dental health. A patient’s oral health condition can be deemed healthy, satisfactory or poor. To be able to come up with a personalized assessment a dental examination will be performed.

It is essential for anyone who wants a beautiful smile and healthy life to pay a visit to the dentist and schedule regular cleanings and go to recommended treatments. Regular visits to the dentist should be every 6 months or at least once a year, this is for your routine dental exam and teeth cleaning. do this and you’ll surely maintain the heath, quality and beauty of your teeth and smile!

What are Dental Exams?


  • Oral examination: The most basic dental examination carried out will involve taking the mouth mirror into the mouth and going over all the teeth to detect signs of disease and wear. It will involve visual inspection, palpation, percussion and thermal tests (when deemed necessary by the dentist)
  • Dental photographs: To properly visualize the condition of the mouth and for record purposes, dental photographs will be taken showing the teeth, the tongue and the face of the patient.
  • Dental casts: A three-dimensional representation of what can be seen in the mouth is provided by the dental cast. It is produced by taking an impression of both the upper and the lower jaw, after which the impression is poured with cement that shall harden into a perfect mould.
  • Dental radiographs: Finally, when a more definitive assessment of the tooth’s condition is required, a dental radiograph should be taken. It will give a picture of the inner layers of the teeth and the bone.

Gentle Teeth Cleaning in Smiles of Naperville

Included in this dental check up appointment is the routine teeth cleaning. Teeth cleaning procedures are required regularly if you want to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. It involves the scaling of both supragingival and subgingival areas around the teeth, in order to properly get rid of adherent plaque and calcular deposits. It is also effective in removing superficial stains from food, cigarette, coffee and others.

Call us or make an appointment online. Have your teeth cleaned by trusted and gentle dentists of Smiles of Naperville.

Take advantage of our LIMITED-TIME SPECIAL:

Digital XRays

Advanced Technology for Efficiency and Safety

Highly-accurate, fast, and comfortable digital x ray in Naperville, IL

Digital X Ray, or digital radiography is the most efficient and up to date way to take your dental  X rays. Digital  X ray can be taken inside and outside the mouth, for the most effective use of determining a prognosis when visiting your dentist. Instead of film, the x-ray now utilizes electronic sensors to take an image for an almost immediate preview.




Can digital X rays be harmful?

We get exposed to natural radiations everyday. Digital X rays generate a considerably lesser intensity of radiation compared to conventional dental x-rays. Digital X rays are actually healthier, more secure and more comfortable for the patient. Moreover, they can be produced in no time. So your time spent in the dental office is also reduced. Infact, digital X rays are absolutely eco-friendly as there are no toxic wastes released into the environment unlike the conventional X rays that require developing or fixing solutions which are discarded after use.
Inspite of the digital  Xrays being significantly safe, dentists do take the basic safety precautions for the patient to reduce the radiation exposure. These precautions comprise of-

  • Taking x-rays only when required
  • Wearing lead apron guards for added protection.

Digital XRays Naperville

Dentists now utilize these X rays to not only make you safe by exposing less radiation, but to make your visit more efficient. Your Naperville dentist, Dr. Prasad Gonavarum uses digital xrays in order to analyze the image immediately and more effectively. This higher technology of digital X ray aids most dentists by providing a higher quality and digitized image to aid in treating your teeth with a more precise care.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments for stronger and whiter teeth at your trusted Naperville, IL dentistry

The advantages of fluoride treatment have been recognized for above 50 years and are accepted by several health and professional associations. Fluoride is the most successful element available to keep tooth decay at bay. It is found naturally in water and is present in variable quantities in almost all foods.

Uses of fluoride

Topical fluoride makes the teeth stronger and protects them from dental caries by percolating into the outer surface of enamel. The sources of topical fluoride are available in the form of fluoride dentifrices, mouth rinses, and gels. Dentists and dental hygienists usually advise that children should get a professional topical fluoride application twice a year during their routine dental examinations.

Systemic fluoride fortifies the teeth that have already erupted or are in the process of eruption. Our foods and community water supplies provide us the major portion of systemic fluorides. Your dentist or physician may prescribe the fluoride supplements quite often and you can avail them in the form of drop or gel. Usually, fluoride drops are prescribed for infants, and tablets are recommended for children as well as teenagers. The quantity of fluoride intake by a child must always be observed with utmost caution. Excess fluoride consumption might lead to fluorosis (appearance of white specks on teeth).

To prevent tooth decay, the quantity of fluoride acquired from our food and water may not be sufficient for a majority of people. Your dentist or dental hygienist may suggest you to undergo home and/or professional fluoride treatment if you have any of these problems that are listed below:

  • Deep pits and fissures on the occlusal aspects (masticating surfaces) of teeth.
  • Cervical abrasion causing the exposure of root surfaces and tooth hypersensitivity.
  • Improper or poor oral hygiene maintenance.
  • Recurrent sugar and carbohydrate intake.
  • Insufficient fluoride exposure.
  • Reduced rate of salivary flow due to any ailments, drugs or medical therapies.
  • Any recent history of dental caries.

Fluoride alone is not enough to make your teeth cavity-free! You need to practice habits of brushing twice daily, flossing regularly, eating balanced meals, decreasing the frequency of sweet and sticky foods and, most importantly, visiting your dentist for routine check-ups.

Dental Home Care

How to take good care of your teeth at home

There are three essential steps to perfected dental home care to maintain your beautiful set of teeth and good oral health. Reviewing these steps with your dentist is great to make sure you keep a good daily practice of caring for your teeth.

First, brushing your teeth daily is one of the most essential steps to dental home care including brushing in the morning, and at night before you go to bed.

  • Brush on all angles of the teeth, including the inner, outer and top surfaces.
  • Gently brush your gums and teeth in small, soft circular motions to keep your bristles on the gums.
  • One tip is to use the top of your brush to clean the insides of your front teeth, top and bottom.
  • To keep fresh breath, make sure to brush your tongue to remove any bacteria.

Second, flossing daily will be your key to success when maintaining your dental hygiene. It cleans between the gum lines and prevents plaque build up in the process.

  • Using a foot of dental floss, wrap the ends on both hand’s leaving some space to use to floss *usually 3 inches.
  • By wrapping around each tooth, in a “U” shape, move the floss up and down between each tooth to ensure full coverage of flossing.

Rinsing your mouth is also essential a part of the three part process to successful home care for your teeth

Dental Sealants

Protect your teeth from tooth decay

Smiles of Naperville provides you only the best dental sealants

The natural anatomy of the teeth includes an occlusal table with deep grooves and fissures. These offer a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow and if you want to be able to protect your teeth from tooth decay, dental sealants can be used to seal these areas and ensure that when chewing, food and bacteria does not infiltrate the tooth. Bacteria can penetrate into the hard tissues of the teeth and spread infection. By applying coatings of sealant on the occlusal surfaces of the teeth, you provide a protective covering on the teeth that will help preserve the health of your smile.

Dental sealants are easy to apply. First, an acidic gel is placed over a clean tooth, after which a few coats of sealant are painted on the surface. Once a minute has passed, the sealant dries and the patient is released, equipped with a few tips on how to properly care for his sealed teeth.

Sealants can last up to 10 years with home care and regular check ups. Sealants applied by your dentist, today, can continue to protect your teeth in the next years. If they have chipped or have been dislodged from your teeth, a brand new application will be in order.


Cosmetic Dentistry

The teeth serve all kinds of functions to an individual. Its most valuable functions include allowing a person to speak, eat and maintain the integrity of his facial structures. While speech is not directly related to the teeth, there are certain sounds that can only be produced when the tongue is in contact with the front teeth; this makes the anterior teeth quite valuable.

In eating, the teeth serve its function in cutting and grinding teeth, so that it can be swallowed with ease and be digested. The teeth’s masticatory function allows a person to enjoy his meals and gives him a chance to stay nourished.

The teeth also helps to maintain a person’s bite and if the health of the bite is preserved, the muscles and the skin within the area of the mouth maintain its integrity and youthful appearance. The teeth also has an aesthetic function. To appear presentable and to be able to smile confidently, we aspire to maintain the health and beauty of our teeth – and this is where cosmetic dentistry comes in.

Cosmetic Dentistry Naperville IL

The best cosmetic dentist in Naperville is able to do all kinds of things to help restore and transform a patient’s smile. It encompasses various fields of Dentistry, oral surgery, prosthodontics and orthodontics, and since it is a fairly new field of practice, it covers the more modern dental procedures.
There are different procedures that can be considered cosmetic in nature:

  • Teeth whitening is a procedure done in-office or at home, and it involves the use of a whitening material and often the involvement of laser technology to improve the brightness and lightness of the teeth, thus making it more even in color and shade.
  • Invisalign and more traditional orthodontic options (using braces) are prescribed to patients with misalignments and bite problems. Just as the traditional braces would, the technology involved in the fabrication of Invisalign aligners allow the patients to enjoy straighter, more aligned teeth without having to go through the pain and discomfort involved with brackers, wires and elastic bands.
  • To restore lost tooth or to address esthetic problems with a more permanent solution, crowns, bridges and veneers can be prescribed to a patient. These prosthetic considerations will involve the reduction of some tooth surface, but it can replace both function and esthetic to the mouth. A more modern approach to teeth replacement is afforded by dental implants. This involves the installation of titanium screws on the jaw of the patient and these will replace the lost tooth’s roots. Once stable within the jaw it will be installed with crowns and they will be fully functional.

Composite Fillings

Have your composite fillings done by a trusted Naperville dentist

Composite fillings are usually done for individuals who have chipped and cracked, decaying or cavity-filled teeth.

The procedure is performed by cleansing the tooth surface that has been infected by bacteria. The infected tissues are removed, the tooth is drilled using different sizes of carbide burs, after which an appropriate filling material is applied to cover and seal it. Traditionally, silver amalgam fillings were used to fill cavities, but for a more aesthetic approach, and to prevent mercury poisoning, composite fillings are much preferred nowadays. Another aesthetic option would be to make use of ceramic indirect fillings. Indirect fillings are fabricated on a model cast, outside the mouth, and they are cemented onto the cleansed cavity.

It is going to be important for you to discuss what filling option is best, with your doctor. The complete assessment of your dentist will help determine, whether or not, you and your specific tooth condition is best addressed with a composite filling or another restorative option. Meeting with your doctor can also enhance the decision made by what is beneficial for restoring your teeth

Composite fillings last many years with continuous care instruction given to you by your doctor. Traditional fillings can be performed in a single appointment. Once the area is completely clean and prepared, your dentist can input the filing and shape and polish to feel like your real new but original tooth.

Naperville Composite Fillings

Fillings are processed usually in one appointment. Once the area is completely clean and prepared, your dentist can input the filing and shape and polish to feel like your real new but original tooth.

Understand that it is normal for you to feel some sensitivity after the restorative filling has been applied. It could be that the tooth has been traumatized from the drilling or it is merely getting used to the new Naperville composite fillings. Do not worry because your tooth should acclimate over time once you continue your hygiene and eating habits.

Dental Implants

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There are various restorative options available to patients. You can opt for removable dentures, dental crowns, or bridges; however, because dental implants are specifically long term replacements for teeth, this type of surgery is most beneficial for those who want a permanent working fixture.

A dental implant for is comprised of a titanium “foundation” which fuses with part of the jawbone. This in turn connects to what is called the abutment, which allows a crown to be placed on top, with the intention of achieving a natural appearance. This fusion is referred to as “osseointegration” and this phenomenon requires time, so the implant is left to settle within the bone structure for a time, before a follow-up installation of the restorative crowns.

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Dental Implants Naperville, IL

The quality of one’s smile can deteriorate over the years. Since our teeth also serve a very important aesthetic function, cosmetic dentistry has become a quite valuable aspect of modern dental practice. Cosmetic dental work, such as dental implants, can be administered to individuals with broken or missing teeth, as well as those patients who are dealing with less severe concerns such as discolorations, chips, and minor malpositions or rotations.

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, “statistics show that 69% of adults ages 35 to 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth to an accident, gum disease, a failed root canal or tooth decay. Furthermore, by age 74, 26% of adults have lost all of their permanent teeth.” A person can lose a tooth or a few teeth for any number of reasons, and therefore a replacement may be the necessary solution to restore the full function of the teeth.

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Porcelain Crowns (Caps)

Porcelain Dental Bridge